Capel - Tio Bota Tinto Red Wine


"Tio de La Bota" Clasico Tinto is an off-dry table wine with a light and pleasant flavour. In it, mild sweetness balances a refreshing dryness, complemented by a bouquet with fruity and woody undertones. The wine "Tio de La Bota" Clasico Tinto is universally suitable for most meat dishes, and it can be served with a pair of assorted cheeses after the main meal.


• Vol: 750ml

• Alc.: 12%

• Category: Red Wine

• Fermentation: Red Grape

• Color: deep ruby red

•Aroma : Harmonious fruity tones

• Taste: Pleasantly light with a balanced sweetness and hints of fruit

• Pairing: Red meat, snacks, crepes and cheese

• 🇪🇸 Made in Spain


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